Here are just a handful of examples of the results Stephen W. Holaday has been involved in obtaining for his clients:

• $5,000,000 Recovered for family of a man killed in a helicopter crash.
• $1,550,000 Recovered for a family struck by a farm truck.
• $1,250,000 Recovered for a motorcyclist injured when he was struck by a drunk driver.
• $835,000 Recovered for two children who lost their father.
• $500,000 Recovered for a family who lost their paraplegic son in a car wreck.
• $500,000 Recovered for a man injured in a farm accident.
• $495,000 Recovered for a family who lost their son in a car wreck.
• $365,000 Recovered for a farmer struck by a tractor-trailer.
• $318,000 Recovered for a widow as a result of her husband’s fatal workplace injury.
• $250,000 Recovered for family struck by a drunk driver.

While these cases were extraordinary results, Stephen W. Holaday, PC takes every case just as seriously as the most lucrative cases we handle.


Every case is different and depends on its own facts, so the amount of compensation YOU receive is dependent on the specific facts of YOUR case. The primary considerations are:

(1) The extent of your injuries and your long term prognosis, including whether you will require future medical treatment or care. This is primarily determined by your doctors and other experts.
(2) How the accident has affected your income and whether it will continue to affect your earnings in the future.
(3) Whether or not it is clear that the other person or business was at fault in causing the accident and whether there are any aggravating circumstances like a driver being drunk (drunk driver) or on a cell phone.
(4) How much insurance coverage the other driver has and how much insurance coverage you have.